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These instructions are intended to serve as a detailed and comprehensive installation guide for our residential window and door products

Builders and installers who choose not to follow these instructions will take full responsibility for their installation methods in relation to, but not limited to, the following:

  • the ability of the installation to resist all weather elements
  • the long-term weather performance of the installation
  • the ability of the installation to cope with building movement, both structural and material
  • the compatibility of different construction materials including sealants
  • the long term durability and integrity of external seals (degradation of seals can occur after lengthy exposure to the elements and UV rays)

Please Note:

  • Fixing centres have not been included as these should be engineered on a site-by-site basis and fall within the builder's scope of works
  • All frame depths have been rounded up to the nearest whole mm, ie. 47.5mm to 48mm and 101.5mm to 102mm
  • For other construction types, please Contact Us for installation instructions.
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