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G.James glass provides superior protection against sudden impact and/or dangerous projectiles.

Purpose designed and manufactured to suit a wide range of transport applications – from mining and earthmoving equipment, through to all types of passenger rail and rolling stock. G.James products offer optimum performance, minimal weight and maximum cost effectiveness.

G.James customers have access to a complete range of in-house resources including design, test facilities (for AS/NZS 2080, BRB and FRA standards), raw material manufacture and fabrication.

Road Transport & Marine

The Colourlite® process is designed to efficiently apply solid (or full) black borders and dot matrix patterns required for the manufacture of boat windscreens and side windows as well as bus windows.

For your convenience, G.James has the in-house capability to supply both flat and curved toughened glass windscreens and side windows suitable for marine, bus and rail fit-outs.


G.James products are suited to many mining applications.

  • Dragline Operator Cabs
  • Earth Moving Equipment

Passenger Trains & Locomotives

Continual product development and testing has produced a wide selection of glazing configurations, ensuring compliance with specific performance and aesthetic requirements. With major supply projects already completed and in service, TransClear® products are gaining a reputation as one of Australia's leading impact resistant safety glass.

This ensures strict control of your project and product is maintained at all times, avoiding the problems associated in dealing with separate suppliers.

G.James has provided safety glass for rail projects all around Australia.

Completed Passenger Trains

Train Windscreens

Train Windscreens

  • Great Southern Rail Sleeper Cars
  • QR Rockhampton Tilt Train
  • QR Cairns Tilt Train
  • V'Locity Train (VIC)
  • QR EMU Fleet Upgrade
  • QR IMU 100, IMU 120 & 160 Fleet(s)
  • QR SMU, SMU 200 & SMU 220 Fleet(s)
  • Comeng Fleet Upgrade (VIC)
  • Hitachi Fleet Upgrade (VIC)
  • OSCAR Fleet (NSW)
  • X'trapolis Fleet (VIC)
  • QR Heritage Train
  • Prospector Train (WA)

Completed Locomotives

Locomotive windows

Locomotive windows

  • QR Maxi Cab Fleet Upgrade
  • 180 Tonne Locomotives
  • 1700 Class
  • 1720 Class
  • 2300 Class
  • 2600 Class
  • 2800 Class
  • 3700 Class
  • 3800 Class
  • 3900 Class
  • 4000 Class
  • Tuen Mun Locomotive Fleet
  • DA Locomotives
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