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445 Series


A high performance sliding door suitable for high-rise apartments, hotels, resorts and other applications where the structure is exposed to extreme weather conditions. This product has an impressive service record having been the chosen door in many of Australia's premier apartment buildings.



Features - General

  • A unique 'slot rail' pressure equalisation system
  • A range of load-bearing, interlocking mullion configurations
  • A 'plant-on' track system creates the ability to construct almost limitless configurations
  • Hollow sash profiles that are quad-screwed for superior strength
  • Acoustic upgrades and double door system is available
  • Screening is possible to the inside utilising the 140 Series retro-fit system
  • Accommodates 5mm to 14mm glass (double glazing and I.G. units of up to 29mm can be used)

2 Track Door Features

  • XO, OXO & OXXO configurations possible
  • Optional low profile sill suitable for aged care
  • A colour matching head infill and sill threshold
  • Compatible with 450 & 475 Series framing

3 Track Door Features

  • XO, OXO, OXX & OXXXXO configurations possible
  • Colour matching head infill & sill thresholds
  • Compatible with 650 & 675 Series framing

4 Track Door Features

  • OXXX configuration possible
  • Colour matching head infill & sill thresholds


  • A selection of narrow style, architectural locks can be fitted
  • A range of high precision, height adjustable, ball bearing roller assemblies
  • Extruded santoprene glazing gaskets and nylon pile weather seals


  • Maximum panel size not to exceed 4.5 m², with a maximum sash size of 3000 mm (h) x 1500 mm (w)
  • To comply with the appropriate design wind load requirements and glazing standards
Some dimensions detailed above may be nominal.
Due to continual product development, G.James reserves the right to change, delete or add any information, section profiles, construction details and specifications relating to this product without notice

Specify This

To correctly specify this product, copy and paste this text block into your project documentation.

All windows shall be G.James 445 Series compliant with AS2047, glazed in accordance with AS1288 and installed to the manufacturers recommendations and details. All surface finishing shall be in accordance with AS1231 (Anodising) and/or AS3715 (Powder Coating).