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Glass Handbook

The G.James Group is the most comprehensive and technologically advanced processor of glass in the Asia Pacific region.

Significant investment in training, technology, equipment, business resources, infrastructure, and quality control systems ensure that all processes - including cutting, edging, laminating, toughening, double glazing, curving, coating, profiling and painting - are to world best standards.

With its worldwide reputation as an innovator of glass and associated products used in residential, commercial and high rise monumental buildings, G.James is at the forefront of developments within the glass industry.

Glass today is used to perform many functions other than its primary role of allowing light to enter a building. Its applications can be visual, mechanical, structural, decorative, thermal, architectural, artistic or a combination of any or all of these aspects. G.James provides a range of services including design assistance, specification guidelines, product development, testing and assessment to cover all of these elements.

This book has been compiled as a training and reference document for G.James employees, tutors, students, architects, engineers, builders, those within and those entering our industry.

Whatever your interest, we trust we can pass on a greater understanding of this amazing and versatile material - GLASS.