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With safety and security becoming an increasingly important feature in modern building design, G.James has developed the ArmaClear® range of speciality glass products to ensure optimum protection should the need arise.


ArmaClear® – Prison Shield (PS) Glass

G.James ArmaClear® Prison Shield (PS) is a range of thin, lightweight anti-intruder laminated glass products which has been specifically introduced for low security applications where intrusion is of concern.

ArmaClear® PS is constructed using a combination of toughened safety glass, heat - strengthened glass and polyvinyl butyral interlayer between the two glasses. This configuration provides initial strength in addition to continued strength even after one or both of the glass skins have been broken, making it well suited for watch houses, lock- ups, detention centres and police stations.

ArmaClear® – Physical Attack (PA) Glass

G.James' ArmaClear® Physical Attack (PA) glass has a remarkable resistance to human attack and penetration.

ArmaClear® PA products comprise an all glass construction or incorporate a combination of glass and polycarbonate with the multi-ply construction resisting penetration even after the glasses within the composite are broken. The multiple glass layers used on the attack side absorb the force inflicted by various hand held implements, making the progress of penetration slow with the attacker quickly tiring and eventually ceasing the attack.

ArmaClear® – Bullet Resistant (BR) Glass

Bullet Resistant Glass

G.James has the experience to satisfy a wide range of specifications, from small hand guns to high- powered rifles and shotguns. The G.James Technical Advisory Service is available to assist with reliable and confidential advice.

Previous Projects

G.James products have been installed in a variety of safety and security sensitive applications throughout Australia and overseas, having proved their effectiveness after extensive testing and in-situ service.

G.James has the manufacturing capabilities and expertise to meet the various criteria for intruder resistance and levels of attack. The G.James Technical Advisory Service is available to assist with reliable and confidential advice.

  • Brazil - Australian Embassy (BR & PA)
  • Sri Lanka - Australian High Commission (BR & PA)
  • Japan - Australian Consulate (BR)
  • Goulburn Correctional Facility (BR & PA)
  • Roma Street QLD Police Headquarters (BR & PA)
  • Parklea Correctional Facility (BR)
  • Cairns Base Hospital (PA & PS)
  • Armoured Vehicles (BR)