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(992 Series)

G.James manufactures a range of Partitioning Misc aluminium extrusions.

Aluminium extrusions are produced at our facilities in Brisbane and Sydney, and are available for delivery Australia-wide. Sign up for an account to view technical details and detailed pdf drawings.

These extrusions can be sorted by section ID etc. by clicking the headings at the top of the table, or filtered by entering a term into the "Search" box below.

Section / Description Stocked
992-003   PARTITION SUITE Section 992003 diagram  
992-005   PARTITION SUITE Section 992005 diagram  
992-010   19MM PARTITION JOINER Section 992010 diagram  
992-014   FRAME MEMBER Section 992014 diagram  
992-016   LIVE HINGE PART NO 1 Section 992016 diagram  
992-022   CORNER Section 992022 diagram  

For more information about our product lines, or for custom die design, please contact us.

G.James also offers a range of castings which may be of interest.